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Hello lovely! Nice to see you stumble upon my jewelry label.

Who am I you might ask?

I am Isabella 26 years old and used to work in the veterinary medicine field. I have always been a creative and crafty child - my hands have always been full with painting and craft supplies! During my extensive studies at the university for veterinary medicine of Vienna I have realized how much I have missed my creative mind and started to design jewelry for myself. I had so much fun designing that I have decided to launch my own jewelry label Wienimalism a few months later. The name Wienimalism is a mix between "Wien" and "Minimalism" which describes my aesthetic perfectly. I love delicate, dainty, feminine, minimalistic, clean cut and geometric designs.

All in all a very different path than I expected but I am so thankful for everyone and would not change a thing! I am so excited for every new chapter that I am writing along this journey that is called life.

Spread love, not hate.

Love, Isabella

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