Hello lovely! Nice to see you stumble upon my jewelry label.

Who am I you might ask?

I am Isabella 23 years old and currently in my last year of vet school. I have always been a creative and crafty child - my hands have always been full with painting and craft supplies! During my extensive studies at the university for veterinary medicine of Vienna I have realized how much I have missed my creative mind and started to design jewelry for myself. I had so much fun designing that I have decided to launch my own jewelry label Wienimalism a few months later. The name Wienimalism is a mix between "Wien" and "Minimalism" which describes my aesthetic perfectly. I love delicate, dainty, feminine, minimalistic, clean cut and geometric designs.

What are my plans for the future?

I will for sure start goldsmith training after finishing my veterinary medicine studies in order to fulfill even more special requests. My dream would be working with solid gold and designing engagement/wedding rings that will be worn a lifetime. I have always been unsure as to which area in the veterinary field would suit me best but after a lot of personal experience I have come to the conclusion that the veterinary aspects of the european food legislation, food safety and public health are what I live for. 

All in all a very different path than I expected but I am so thankful for everyone and would not change a thing! I am so excited for every new chapter that I am writing along this journey that is called life.

Spread love, not hate.

Love, Isabella